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VisitingFromSpace FAQ’s

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that does not appear on the list, please feel free to drop us a line at info@visitingfromspace.com. Someone will get back to you shortly.
1What is VisitingFromSpace?
VisitingFromSpace was created to help businesses maximize their news coverage. We remove all the confusing media tactics and smoke and mirrors often employed by more traditional PR firms. With our personal connections to top tier journalists and powerful data and analytics we get your company in front of the influencers who can move the needle and capture your desired audience.
2How much press will we get?
Since we don’t write the articles, it’s impossible to predict. Once we send you out to our media contacts, coverage is in their hands. The goal is to maximize your media exposure during your time onboard with us. We’ve landed hundreds of articles for some of our clients in just a few weeks.
3Is press guaranteed?
We do not guarantee news coverage. No one can. Once we send your campaign out to reporters they have to like it enough to want to write about it. Once they like it they have to have the time and space to write about it relative to all of the other projects they’re reviewing. When everything aligns that’s when you get press.

The great thing about what we do is you have options. You get all the data to see how many journalists opened your email, how many didn’t, how many times the email was forwarded, how much time they spent with your email, etc. You'll get a good idea right away if your project is resonating. Based on your results, you can send follow-up campaigns to increase potential coverage. The more familiar reporters become with your company, the more possibilities you’ll have.
4How quickly can I expect a journalist to write about my company once you contact them?
If your project resonates with journalists they might start writing about you immediately. We’ve seen top tier coverage happen within 24 hours. Generally, they require some time to sort out your project, make time for it within their schedule, and get editorial approval. We make every effort to support this process and to foster an acceptable timeframe for all parties involved.
5Can we follow-up with reporters?
Yes … of course. After we send out your campaign, you have the option to purchase follow-up email campaigns. We'll re-write the pitch and will send it again to the same reporters, minus the ones that have replied and minus the reporters that have already covered your project.
6How soon should I follow-up?
We recommend following up with reporters no longer than 5 business days after the initial email was sent.
7Are follow-ups necessary?
No. A lot of our clients generate coverage after one email campaign.
8Do you have more reporters I can reach out to other than the ones you’ve already contacted?
Yes. If you’re getting great results from the reporters we already reached out to, we can send the pitch to a new batch of targeted journalists, scaling up accordingly. Log into your portal and choose the “SCALE UP” button
9I want to purchase the Global plan but there are certain countries I’d like to stay away from. Can you help?
After you join you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete. In the questionnaire there will be an area where you can let us know what countries you want us to stay away from.
10Do you write the pitch for me?
Yes. It’s important for us to write the pitch. We know the reporters .… we know who they are …. we know what they write about …. and we know how to deliver your project to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity of getting covered. Of course you get to approve the pitch before we send it out.
11If a reporter has any questions, what happens?
We forward all inquiries that we get from reporters to you so you can reply to them directly. You’ll get all of the details of our correspondence, including the message and their email address.
12I’ve never dealt with a reporter. Will you help?
Yes. We can advise you on how to deal with them.
13I need more long term help? Do you offer long term pricing?
Yes, we offer monthly plans.
14How soon will we hear back from reporters?
Unfortunately we are not included in their day to schedules, so we cannot pinpoint an exact time table. If they like your project, we’ve seen response from reporters happen within a few minutes of reaching out to them. We’ve also seen it take weeks and longer.
15Why is press so important to my business?
Press builds credibility for your company. Press can dramatically boost your visibility. Coverage from a trusted source can be the deciding factor when it comes to online purchasing or visiting a physical business location.
16Can news coverage help with risk management?
Yes, one published write-up or review from a trusted source can effectively suppress negative content within your business’s online search.
17Can news coverage impact the search ranking of my company?
Yes … absolutely! Content posted by reputable sources are shared online and positively impact your company’s online authority.
18How do I pay for VisitingFromSpace's services?
You can make payment via credit card, company check or bank wire.
19What is your policy on privacy?
Your privacy is important to us. We do not release, sell, or disseminate your information beyond your VisitingfromSpace campaign. For our entire privacy policy click here.

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