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Steal Your Competitors Traffic
You're losing new patients to your competitors every single day. If you want to run a successful medical practice, it's important to know how they're doing it. We uncover the secret online marketing strategies of your top competitors. Then we use the data to win you more patients and build your practice.

More Patients, Guaranteed

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to boost the number of new patients that walk into your office every month, the solution is crystal clear ...improve your Internet prescence!

63% of people polled say they look online before choosing a doctor. That means, the better you look online the more new patients you’ll receive. That’s where we come in.

At DocCosmic:

  • We uncover the secret online marketing strategies of your top competitors, then we make sure you outrank them
  • We modernize and personalize your website so new patients are compelled to book appointments
  • We enhance online presence
  • We build positive patient reviews across all of the top review websites
  • We get your practice in the news instantly boosting your reputation and visibility

OutshineYour Competitors

When patients search for a doctor on Google, your top competitors leapfrog to the front and appear first. That's because your competitors are buying ads on Google. Our digital advertising experts know how to outrank them, creating better ads for you that attract more eyeballs and bring in more patients.

How we help you beat your competitors:

  • We search every ad your top competitors have placed on Google in the last 10 years. Then we create ads that perform better.
  • We uncover your competitors' approximate monthly budget and ad strategy. This helps us avoid their costly mistakes.
  • Your competitors ads are designed to drive new patients to their website. We analyze your competitors websites then we make sure your website and strategies are designed to outperform theirs.
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Have a Better Website

If you’re trying to grow your practice, having a website is a must. Whether you like it or not, people expect to find your business online. Having a website is an affordable way to reach new patients. Your website works tirelessly. No lunch breaks, vacations, holidays or sick days. That means people can access your website anytime they want to learn about you and your practice. But having a website is not enough. It needs to have the compelling information and be able to be found by patients quickly and easily. Most of all, your websites has to be designed with your competitors in mind. The better your website, the more new patients you’ll attract.

We specialize in designing and redesigning websites for healthcare professionals:

  • We use current best practices in website development
  • All of our websites are HIPPA compliant
  • Our websites are designed with a deep level of security and safeguarded against threats with the best encryption technology
  • We design Responsive websites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. For your patients that means easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.
  • Your website is optimized to help ensure you appear on page one of searches for major keywords related to your specialty in your local area
  • Our team of writers specialize in creating copy and content for your website that’s compelling and designed specifically to bring in more new patients
  • We analyze the websites of your top competitors and make sure your website is always one step ahead

Get Yourself Online Where Patients are Looking

If you want to grow your practice having an optimized website is a must …. but it’s just a start. When prospects search for you online, they expect to find a lot of information about you across the web. Having little presence on the Internet is a negative signal to others. It makes them question your reliability and reputation. We maximize your online visibility by creating profiles of your practice across hundreds of top local and industry-specific sites.

Here’s what we do:

  • We create new listings for your practice
  • We take control of your presence across hundreds of properties by maintaining correct, consistent online data
  • We enhance your listings and drive traffic back to your website with call to actions and promotional links
  • We fix inaccurate existing listings and remove duplicates
  • We use top quality listings to help you rank higher on local search

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Grow Your Practice Through Positive Patient Reviews and Feedback

It's likely that you've had some great patient-doctor interactions and heartfelt stories. Those patients' comments and feedback are indispensable to growing your practice. We bring those reviews to the forefront so they help foster a positive impression of your practice online.

Having a great online reputation is incredibly important. Even if your business relies on referrals, it's your online reputation that will be the deciding factor.

80% of patients read online reviews, even after they've been referred.

The problem is, capturing the best testimonials from your patients has never been easy ... until now.

Following HIPAA compliance, our software sends text or emails to your best patients, generating feedback and new reviews.

  • Request reviews on over 100 sites
  • Post the reviews seamlessly on your website with our website add-on
  • Monitor your reviews across the top review websites all in one location. Manage and respond to them with ease.
  • All of the emails and texts to patients are branded with your practice so they won't know it's coming from us
  • Automated requests and reminders
  • Track everything with our robust reports
  • We use the reviews to improve your SEO, website content and local listings
  • Beautiful designs, personalization and many other options

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