mediaportal addon – DocCosmic
Do you need a Media Portal?

Your website is great, but reporters have limited time to flip through all of your pages looking for the details they need. Once we grab the journalists attention with your email campaign, it’s important to keep it. That’s the purpose of the Digital Media Portal, otherwise known as an online media kit. Your Digital Media Portal serves all your information up to them on a silver platter. It’s a one-stop destination filled with all of the details reporters need to write their articles.

Our digital team will create a Digital Media Portal for you and we’ll host it on our website. You get final approval. We’ll include a link to it on all the emails we send out to journalists. This is an optional service. If you have your own digital media portal or if you want us to include a link to your website instead, we can do that. The one-time cost for the media portal - $375.

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