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Paid Newswires vs. Visiting From Space

We win! No contest!

The homepage of Yahoo, a spot on the Today Show, front page of the Huffington Post ... if you want top tier news coverage for your business you have to pitch your company directly to key reporters. That’s what we do for you.

Stay away from services that use press releases or newswires. Seems like a good idea ... write a press release then post it on a paid newswire, but you’ll find out very quickly that paid newswires don’t generate any meaningful coverage. Sure, some of them have deals with new outlets to repost your press release, but that's exactly what you get. Your press release is simply reposted in the press release section that no one reads. You'll never be a part of the main news section.

But don’t just take it from us … take it from a Bill Hankes, a writer at Fast Company.

"It’s well known within PR circles that the best way to kill your chances of getting press is to issue a press release (on a newswire). Why? First of all, reporters generally don’t read wire distribution services. Secondly, once it’s on a massive distribution list like that, it’s no longer news. Reporters want the news before it becomes public. These wire distributions services mask their ineffectiveness with content-sharing relationships that proliferate press releases far and wide across the internet to sites that no one really reads."

Bill Hankes
Fast Company
May 2017

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